La storia

This Venetian Villa was built during the 16 th century , then partially restructured by Senator Pietro Bertolini after he acquired it in 1880 . Further Pietro Bertolini set up the french garden of approx 40 000 m2 ( 6 Acres ) designed by a french architect , with fountains, creeks , waterfalls etc.
Villa Bertolini , surrounded by its garden , is now situated in very center of Montebelluna , but remains an oasis of peaceful green.

Villa Bertolini became an hystorical mansion due to the numerous activities of Pietro Bertolini who , after having become a very young major of Montebelluna , became its deputy in parlament for over thirty years . He was then minister of public works with Giolitti at the time of Messina earthquake in 1908 .

He later sgned the peace treaty with Turkey after Lybian war i 1911 and then created the ministry of colonies for which he was responsible from 1912 to 1914 .

At the end of the 19 th century he has promulgated the law of the Montello wich solved the tragic problem of several thousands of poor wood workers ( bisnenti).

In the 1917 he managed to avoid the evacuation of Montebelluna after the defeat of Caporetto and impeached the confiscation of all the livestock of the region farmers , imposed by the army.

In 1918 he was nominated chief of committing for the war damages compensations, during the treaty of peace in Versaille from 1918 to 1920.

He died aged 61 at the end of 1920 .

Villa Bertolini received as guests or visitors political figures like Senator Colosimo , Senator De Nicola ( first President of Italian Republic ) ,Senator Gasparini etc., writers and poets like Romain Rolland , Rabindranath Tagore , Cesare Abba etc., public instruction figures like Maria Montessori , whose didactic method was promoted and defended in parliament by Pietro Bertolini, supported by his wife Sofia Guerrieri Gonzaga and by her sister in law Maria Guerrieri Gonzaga.

Villa Bertolini and the garden have been restored to a new life by the grandson of Pietro Bertolini, Pietro Vangensten and his wife Roselyne Benoit, after 1998.